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Voices That Matter Most

"If we don't tell our stories, others will tell them for us - and they will get them wrong."

The Voices That Matter Most project works with KIND clients and other immigrant and refugee children to help them share their stories  of fear, flight, resilience, and hope for public education and advocacy.  Through workshops, trainings, and public speaking and advocacy opportunities, the Voices That Matter Most helps children tell their personal stories, build communications skills and gain confidence and self-esteem that that will help set them on a path toward hopeful and productive futures. As they share their unique stories in a variety of ways, these young people learn how to bring about positive change within their schools, communities, and beyond.

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Voices That Matter Most - Fact Sheet

KIND clients overcome great hardship in their journey to find safety in the United States. Through workshops, trainings, and mentorships, KIND clients learn communications skills, advocacy, and how to share their stories in a variety of ways for public education and to affect change.

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Become A KIND Client Ambassador

Use the power of your voice to help KIND teach others about young people like you who come to the United States alone and why it is important for the U.S. to help protect immigrant children. KIND Client Ambassadors help affect change by sharing their stories widely to promote understanding of unaccompanied children and their […]

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Children's Voices

"The journey was not easy, but it has been amazing to get to know new people, myself, and the ability I did not know I have to overcome my fears and challenges."
Alejandra KIND Client
"I am happy to say that two months ago, my asylum was approved. Today, I feel happy because there is a certainty that I am safe."
Ismael KIND Client
"Thanks to KIND I can say this for myself, because of KIND I am able to believe in me, to strive for more, to engage in new things, and to dream again."
Alex KIND Client
"If we don’t tell our story, someone else will tell it for us and it won’t be true."
Yoni Voices Participant

"A Light That Guides You"

Through KIND’s Voices and Imagination Stage project in August 2020, Isaias learned how to create and produce his own stop-motion animation. Isaias decided to share his story through his artwork and video. Isaias writes, “My story is about a young man who has suffered through a lot in his life, from losing his parents to having depression and wanting to commit suicide. But he has a dream of being a singer and showing people that the impossible is possible.” Watch here:

Stand Up for Children Alone

Kids, no matter where they are from, deserve safe futures.
Helps support immigrant and refugee children and their well-being by getting involved with KIND.

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