Seeking Safety, Creating Change

October 18, 2022

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As part of KIND’s annual gala, Coming Together for Children Alone, Kids in Need of Defense debuted its art exhibit, Seeking Safety, Creating Change, created by unaccompanied children and youth. These collections of drawings, paintings, and prints offer a glimpse into their personal migration journeys toward freedom from fear. In each piece, the artists reveal the multi-faceted emotions and challenging experiences they have faced. Feelings of terror, despair, and loneliness are juxtaposed with positivity, togetherness, and hope. Also featured in the exhibit are pieces that address self-reflection and cultural identity. Each child has a different migration experience, and each of us is responsible for witnessing, hearing, and protecting children who are alone on the move. KIND will share these important works with a wide range of audiences as a national traveling exhibition to showcase our clients’ talents and to promote understanding of unaccompanied children, their need for protection, and their inspiring contributions to our communities.

Craig Barritt/Getty Images


Raices del Pasado (Roots from the Past)

“A serious history of a living culture that represents my country and beautiful structures built there.”

Domingo Pablo


“I’m an immigrant but this doesn’t mean I don’t form part of my foreign country. I’m not an American-born and I don’t have to be.”


Mas Alla de la Creatividad (Beyond Creativity)

“My inspiration is based on how I create and think by demonstrating what I like without fear of showing it to the world.”



“It was what I imagined myself to be. Hours before, I saw myself in the mirror and tried to draw using my imagination. It was inspired by the new ME free of worries with my better mental peace and physical state.”

Craig Barritt/Getty Images

Domingo Pablo

Right of a Child

“This was a project I created using one article of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Did you know that we all have this right as a child?”