KIND is championing sustainable strategies to prevent and mitigate labor exploitation of unaccompanied children and youth. In partnership with diverse experts, including corporate and community partners, social services and legal providers, and law enforcement, KIND’s Labor Exploitation Prevention Programs (LEPP) will inform public policy, establish mechanisms for accountability, and pave pathways to career development and safer working conditions for unaccompanied youth. 

Many unaccompanied children living in the United States flourish in and make invaluable contributions to their local communities. As a vital part of their communities’ educational, social, and economic fabric, these youth help build shared prosperity. 

As part of this work, KIND is developing know your rights materials for unaccompanied children, their caregivers, and others who are providing services to unaccompanied children. KIND will also provide training on mitigating child labor exploitation to pro bono attorneys, judges, law enforcement, and other community stakeholders who interact with unaccompanied children and youth. 

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Want to work? You have rights!

Labor laws are rules that protect everyone who works in the United States, including children and teens. These laws give people worker’s rights. No matter how old you are, if you work in the United States, you have these rights. Want to work? You have rights! Want to learn more? 

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