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The rights and well-being of immigrant and refugee children are under attack, and it’s time to take a stand. Alone, we are powerless, but when we join our voices together, we are loud and we are powerful! Help us raise our collective voice and put an end to the injustice and cruelty against immigrant and refugee children. Make your voice heard now!

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Help Reunite Children and Families

Tell Congress: Support humane and orderly access to protection at the border

It’s long past time to reunite every child still separated from their parents and ensure that every family ripped apart has the legal and social support they need to heal from the trauma they endured.

Join KIND to urge the House and Senate to commit the funds necessary to swiftly reunite still-separated families and provide comprehensive supportive services and long-term solutions to ensure their protection and well-being.

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Safe Access

Tell Congress: Support humane and orderly access to protection at the border

As it currently stands, it is almost impossible for a refugee child to safely request asylum at the U.S.-Mexico border. We need the House and Senate to work with President Biden to create humane and orderly access to protection at the border.

Join KIND today and urge the House and Senate to work on a system that is fair to unaccompanied refugee children and families.

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Afghan Adjustment Act

Tell Congress: Support Refugee Children from Afghanistan

At least 1,550 children came to the United States as Unaccompanied Afghan Minors after the fall of Kabul. One year later, the trauma of that separation is a constant ache for these children. 

Join KIND today and urge your members of Congress to pass the bipartisan Afghan Adjustment Act quickly to bring safety and security to the innocent children separated from their family and homeland.

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Let people know the injustice migrant children face is not acceptable, and we must take a stand to make it stop. Follow KIND on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and use the following hashtags to amplify our efforts to protect children:

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We know we have to play the long game. The root causes of violence and injustice against migrant children run long and deep. That means we must ensure our efforts and programs are sustainable, especially through consistent, dependable funding. Monthly donors are a major way we do this.

Become a monthly sustainer to stop cruel, inhumane policies that endanger migrant children and help ensure none have to face legal proceedings alone.
If you can’t, then give what you can – every single dollar makes a difference in a child’s life.



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Check Out Our Resource Library

With constantly changing conditions and policies, it is important we stay abreast of current events and educate ourselves on root causes that force migrant children to flee their homes and the impact of domestic and international policy on their lives. Our resource library is full of informative one-page fact sheets, policy briefs, and reports just for you!