Our Vision and Mission

We envision a world in which children’s rights and well-being are protected as they migrate alone in search of safety.

We will achieve our vision by:

Ensuring that no child appears in immigration court without high quality legal representation;

Advancing laws, policies, and practices that ensure children’s protection and uphold their right to due process and fundamental fairness; and

Promoting in countries of origin, transit, and destination durable solutions to child migration that are grounded in the best interests of the child and ensure that no child is forced to involuntarily migrate.


KIND’s Guiding Principles

We will remain disciplined and nimble and adjust our programming to ensure delivery on our core mission of access to justice and protection of children’s wellbeing and rights.

We will develop and implement policies that promote an equitable and healthy workplace experience in which people feel valued and heard and can thrive in support of our core mission.

We will prioritize wellness and deploy trauma-informed strategies throughout the organization.

We commit to prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion, with an emphasis on people of color (both staff and clients), and continuing our journey on those issues.

We will maintain our commitment to long-term financial success and strengthening systems and capacity to ensure effective delivery of KIND’s mission.