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Robust Advocacy

Preserving Vital Protections for Children

KIND’s Policy and Advocacy team promotes the fair and appropriate treatment of unaccompanied immigrant and refugee children. We educate policymakers and the public about experiences and conditions that force children to migrate alone, barriers that prevent them from fairly accessing U.S. protection, and the challenges and dangers they may face if returned to the countries they fled. 

Our team engages with federal agencies, Members of Congress, and other policymakers to support policies that protect children throughout their journey to safety. Drawing upon lessons learned through our representation of thousands of unaccompanied children, we provide technical assistance to policymakers to promote safe and developmentally appropriate treatment of unaccompanied children in federal immigration custody, child-sensitive measures for processing and adjudicating children’s cases, and safeguards to ensure no child is returned to harm.

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What We Do

Educate Decision Makers

We educate local, state and national decision-makers about unaccompanied children, the root causes of their migration, family separation, and other issues affecting children alone. 

Advance Protections

We identify opportunities to promote protections for unaccompanied children through legislation, regulations, policies, programs, and services. 

Promote Action

We educate Members of Congress so they can support legislation that protects children alone, improves safety in Central America, and provides fair access to the U.S. immigration system and to legal services.

Keeping Kids Safe

New Campaign Initiative

KIND’s Keeping Kids Safe: A Seamless Safety Net for Children on the Move is a 10-year initiative designed to transform outdated laws, shift conversations about child immigration to center child protection, and reform the way the current U.S. immigration system—and subsequently protection systems across the globe—treats children.

Key Policy Reports

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