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Holistic Services

Through Trauma-Informed Care

KIND’s Social Services team helps children and families globally, adjust to a new country, language, home, and community, and works to address the traumas during their journey to safety.  We have connected thousands of clients – and their families– with essential medical care, mental health care, educational opportunities, and crisis intervention to ensure their well-being and safety.

The coordinators focus on targeting clients’ non-legal needs while simultaneously mentoring attorneys to ensure their work is inclusive of trauma-informed and child sensitive practices. By supporting client’s overall well-being and connecting them with resources in their communities, the impact of our interdisciplinary model extends well after KIND’s work with the child ends.

Individual Children Receiving Psychosocial Services

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Volunteering with KIND's Social Services Team

Helping Unaccompanied Children Adjust to Life in the United States Unaccompanied children around the world are searching for safety, fleeing violence and persecution from which their governments cannot protect them. No matter what their country of origin or reason for migration, these children need our help to pursue a safer future. What We Do Our […]

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What We Do

Counseling Referrals

The majority of KIND clients have endured trauma during their journey to safety. Our coordinators work within the community to ensure each child has access to counseling services.

Play Therapy

Play therapy is a therapeutic approach using play to help clients better process their experiences and develop more effective strategies for managing their worlds.

Mental & Health Insurance

Our coordinators work within the community to ensure our clients have access to the mental and health services they need.

School Enrollment

Our coordinators work with our clients to ensure they are enrolled in school.

Job Placements

Many of our clients need help finding and applying for jobs. Our coordinators connect clients with community organizations to help with interviews and job placements.

The Impact of Our Work

"A KIND client who came to the U.S. alone to seek safety from gang threats. KIND’s social services coordinator worked with her to connect her with food, clothing, medical services, baby supplies, and domestic violence resources and shelters. Now she's able to navigate systems on her own and is more self-sufficient."
KIND Staff Member Fresno
"KIND’s social service coordinators often help our clients see beyond their past and immediate struggles and to push towards new opportunities and fresh starts. For Luisa, this meant viewing her history of sexual abuse as a reason to seek healing through therapy services, joining boxing classes to feel stronger and empowered, and pushing forward to completing high school. "
KIND Staff Member New York
"Freddy, a 17-year-old Honduran boy, faced spending the entirety of the process in U.S. custody. His pro bono attorney and social services coordinator, through the partnerships she had established, were able to connect him to a program that would provide Freddy with a host with whom he could stay until his case was decided. Freddy is happily adjusting to his new home. "
KIND Staff Member Seattle
"As his legal case progressed, Carlos (8) had to recount traumatic experiences from his home country to make his case for U.S. protection and began to experience developmental regression—wetting his bed, social withdrawal, and communications challenges. His pro bono attorney and social services coordinator connected him to therapeutic support, an out-of-school program, and a referral for his mother for parenting and family therapy support. He has been making good progress, and continues to be a devoted soccer fan. "
KIND Staff Member Boston


KIND’s Social Service Coordinators (SSCs) help children adjust to a life in the United States, including a new language, home, and community, and to address the trauma that most experienced before they came.

We have connected children with medical and mental health care, educational opportunities, and play therapy, to name a few.

Helping children deal with the trauma they suffered in their home country, on their journey, or in the United States facilitates healing so they can start to enjoy a childhood many have never had, perform well in school, and maintain healthy relationships.

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