Volunteering with KIND's Social Services Team

May 23, 2024

SSC Volunteering

Helping Unaccompanied Children Adjust to Life in the United States

Unaccompanied children around the world are searching for safety, fleeing violence and persecution from which their governments cannot protect them. No matter what their country of origin or reason for migration, these children need our help to pursue a safer future.

What We Do
Our social services team helps unaccompanied and separated children across the United States adjust to a new country, language, home, and community, and address the trauma that most have experienced in their countries of origin. We connect children and their caretakers with essential medical care, psychosocial services, educational opportunities, and crisis intervention to ensure their well-being and safety.
We Need You
We are always looking for opportunities for the children we serve to learn, grow, and dream their biggest dreams for their future.
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