Clients Use New Photo Skills to Express Themselves

May 4, 2021

Cassandra*, 10, and Julieta*, 15, are sisters from Honduras. They arrived in the United States during the summer of 2018, to escape threats and violence in their home country.  They are both now safely living in the United States with their sisters and father.

Cassandra is now in the 5th grade and enjoys school and watching anime. She hopes to be a physical education teacher in the future. Julieta also enjoys going to school and spending time with her family. She also hopes to be a teacher one day.

The girls participated in a week-long virtual photography workshop through the Voices That Matter Most Project with Los Angeles-based photographer Noe Montes. He taught the girls the basic principles of photography and how to use it as a medium to create stories and to express themselves. Both girls became more open and comfortable sharing their memories and parts of their lives as the workshops progressed.

*Names changed to protect identity.