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A Challenging Case with a Bright Future

  on June 5, 2015

“These children do not have a way to navigate the legal system or the immigration system on their own. They have been the victims of harmful treatment in their home countries and have undertaken difficult and often terrifying journeys by themselves to reach the United States. As attorneys, we can serve as their advocates and help them feel that they have a support system and are entitled to the same chances as anyone else.”

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Randy Falco, President and CEO, Univision

  on April 28, 2015

Interview with Univision President and CEO Randy Falco, honored with KIND’s 2015 Champion Award at KIND’s 2015 Gala Dinner “Coming Together for Children Alone”, April 22, 2015, New York City   Univision has been a

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Lilian’s Journey

  on April 22, 2015

Learn why Lilian came alone to the United States, leaving her home in El Salvador and risking her life.

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Kurt Hansson, Paul Hastings LLP

  on April 3, 2015

“We all have a responsibility to protect those who cannot protect themselves.” -Kurt Hansson, Global Vice-Chairman of Paul Hastings LLP

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Richard Rosenbaum, Greenberg Traurig LLP

  on March 3, 2015

“We are here and we will help you”   KIND recently interviewed Richard Rosenbaum, CEO of Greenberg Traurig LLP, about the outstanding pro bono work on which Greenberg has partnered with KIND. KIND is honoring

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Brandon’s Journey

  on February 9, 2015

John Lemacks, Tafapolsky & Smith LLP

  on February 1, 2015

On March 2nd KIND hosted its first Google Hangout with Pro Bono Attorney of the Month, John Lemacks. John is a partner at Tafapolsky & Smith LLP in Los Angeles and has been with the

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Joe Lee, Munger Tolles & Olson

  on January 6, 2015

“What really brought me the most satisfaction professionally was to work with these pro bono clients because you meet them and you form that bond, and just want to help them. To have that impact on a young person’s life is immensely rewarding and satisfying.” – Joe Lee, Munger Tolles & Olson

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Angela’s Story

  on April 6, 2014

“When I was in the immigration center almost everyone was crying because they wanted their family to be with them” – Angela, El Salvador

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Meredith Stewart, Pappas and Lenzo

  on February 2, 2014

“Until I came across KIND, I really hadn’t found something where I could use my professional skills to help people- I was always doing things through my community and church, but with KIND I could use my experience as an attorney to help children.” –Meredith Stewart, Pappas and Lenzo LLP

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