The Eversheds Sutherland Team

May 18, 2018

May 2018 Attorneys of the Month

The Eversheds Sutherland Team

A team of pro bono attorneys from Eversheds Sutherland in Washington, DC recently won asylum for their client Diego*, who had been fighting his protection case before the immigration court system for nearly six years.

Diego, faced persecution and possible death if he were to be required to return to Honduras. A team of Eversheds Sutherland attorneys, led by Brian L. RubinAmber S. UnwalaAdam W. Park, and Brian Tschosik, and Eversheds Sutherland alum William Watts, provided pro bono legal services.

KIND got to sit down with Brian and Amber and talk to them about this case and what got them motivated to work with Diego and other vulnerable children.


*Child’s name has been changed to protect his identity. 

The most important part about representing these young individuals, who are often leaving behind their families and coming to the U.S. alone, is to understand that they are going through something very frightening.. and so as attorneys it is important to remember we are not just trying to help them as being attorneys but also trying to help them because they need to stay in this country and building that relationship of trust is the only way to adequately represent them.