Highlighting KIND Volunteers for National Volunteer Month

April 25, 2024

This is part two of a blog series for National Volunteer Month. Read part one here 


KIND is grateful for the thousands of people who volunteer their time, energy, and expertise to our mission, helping to protect and improve the lives and futures of unaccompanied children. From our pro bono lawyers and those who serve as interpreters to help with children’s legal cases, to the artists and chefs who volunteer their time and talents to enrich children’s lives, KIND volunteers greatly impact the children we serve.  Here are two more of our invaluable volunteers. 


Meet Michelle Schromm. Michelle has volunteered with our San Francisco office for over five years as a language interpreter at intake clinics and on cases.  


What first inspired you and continues to inspire you to volunteer for KIND?  

The work KIND is doing is so incredible. As soon as I learned about them, I wanted to find a way to get involved. As I am bilingual, being a translator was the best and most impactful way I could be part of the work KIND is doing. The clients are navigating so much—a new country, home, language, legal system, and being able to offer support in a small way feels so important. I am having a direct positive impact on these clients through my work, which is why I keep saying yes to the work at every opportunity!  


What is your favorite part of volunteering or a favorite moment with a client? 

There are so many! Top of the list is learning that the client’s cases have been successful, and they have been granted a green card, asylum, or other type of status. Nothing beats that. Because cases often run over long periods of time, it is really special getting to know each client: from a first introduction and learning their brave stories, to hearing how they are doing in school, about the friends they are making, the sports they are playing. It is so special to be part of their journey as an adolescent and see them grow into teens and young adults.  


Why is KIND’s mission important to you?  

The children and families that KIND serves unfairly have so much stacked against them. They have seen and endured so much hardship and disruption in their short lives and, on top of that, are facing large barriers ranging from language and cultural differences to economic conditions that do not allow access to proper legal support. Having an organization like KIND advocate for them is so important.  


What would you say to others interested in becoming a volunteer with KIND?  

I do not know of a better way to spend your time and energy than volunteering for KIND! The work KIND does has such an immediate and direct impact on children, teens, and families, and I cannot think of a better way to spend time than supporting them. It is incredibly fulfilling and has enriched my life and brought me so much joy. KIND is such an incredible organization. It is a pleasure and gift to be able to support them, and the incredible lawyers and clients, in any small way I can.   

Bryan GironWe also spoke with Bryan Giron from Little Fox Kitchen, a volunteer with KIND’s Newark office. Last year, Bryan led a wellness and cooking class with a group of KIND clients at Little Fox Kitchen where they prepared different meals chosen by the kids. Read more here.  


What first inspired you to volunteer with KIND? 

As a first-generation immigrant to the United States, working with the clients and the families really resonates with me. 

What is your favorite part of volunteering or a favorite moment with a client? 

My favorite moment was when we made fresh tortillas with the kids, and they all had knowledge already from their respective countries. Being a chef, sharing moments like that is special.

Why is KIND’s mission important to you?  

KIND’s mission is crucial because it ensures that unaccompanied and separated children have access to legal representation and protection, safeguarding their rights and well-being as they navigate the challenges of adjusting to life in the United States.  


What would you say to others interested in becoming a volunteer with KIND?  

I highly recommend it! The entire team is so welcoming and professional. It is a very rewarding experience.