Highlighting Volunteers from KIND’s Seattle and San Francisco Offices for National Volunteer Month

April 22, 2024

KIND is grateful for the thousands of people who volunteer their time, energy, and expertise to our mission, helping to protect and improve the lives and futures of unaccompanied children. From our pro bono lawyers and those who serve as Spanish language interpreters to help with children’s legal cases, to the artists and chefs who volunteer their time and talents to enrich children’s’ lives, KIND volunteers greatly impact the children we serve.  

In honor of National Volunteer Month, we are highlighting some of the invaluable people who choose to donate their time and expertise to KIND and the children we serve.  


Miguel HeadshotMiguel Rode has been volunteering with KIND’s Seattle office for 11 years as an interpreter and translator. He first started volunteering in 2013 while working at Microsoft. He is currently working on three different cases. As a native Spanish speaker, he has provided interpretation and translation services for many clients over the past decade, both in meetings with their KIND lawyers and for interviews with immigration officers for asylum and Special Immigration Juvenile Status (SIJS). 

“As an interpreter you really build rapport with kids,” Miguel said. “You see the kids grow over the years and improve their language skills. By the end of the case, they don’t really need an interpreter. It’s fun to see kids go from not being able to say a word of English, to be able to freely chat with their lawyer in English.” 

Miguel shared that as an immigrant himself, he knows what it’s like to come to the United States and make a new life here, albeit under different circumstances. “I have a high degree of empathy for these kids. I feel morally obligated to do what I can to help, especially knowing that without a lawyer, these kids are often sent back to their countries and the dangers they fled. Kids often have difficult stories, so it is important that they feel supported.”  

Having an interpreter in their language of choice, which KIND always ensures, is key to this support. Volunteers like Miguel make this possible. Miguel described one especially poignant moment with a young boy from El Salvador who after several meetings shared that he had seen his younger brother shot by gangs. Everyone in the room was shocked and almost in tears. Miguel is still in touch with this now young man and is helping him with his U.S. citizenship application. When asked what he likes most about volunteering, Miguel said, “It is very rewarding and impactful work. You know you’re making a difference in kids’ lives. It’s especially rewarding when kids get their legal status. It’s a happy moment you get to celebrate.”  

Elizabeth Baldwin, Senior Atorney at KIND’s Seattle office said, “Miguel is one of the best volunteers I’ve ever worked with at KIND. He gives everything he can to both his pro bono team members and the clients. He treats each case holistically, anticipating what a client will need, helping his teams navigate difficult logistics or communication issues that may arise for youth. He also steps up when we’re in a jam. He is really just the best!” 

Yasmina Abdellatif headshotYasmina Abdellatif, a volunteer with KIND’s San Franciso office for the past year, worked with the office’s social services team, helping connect clients with medical, housing, education, mental health, and food resources. She researched and built connections with community organizations and created resource guides categorized by type of service and geographical region. Volunteering with KIND influenced Yasmina’s career trajectory: she is now a first-year student at Columbia University’s School of Social Work, studying policy practice and its impact on immigrant and refugee populations. She plans to attend law school next year.  

One of her fondest memories at KIND was getting to know many clients at an end-of-year holiday party. “It was very rewarding to witness how many families’ lives had been positively impacted by KIND’s work,” she said. “Witnessing the work KIND does and the change they make possible in children’s lives has motivated me to be a part of creating success stories as a social worker and future lawyer.” 

Thank you to Miguel, Yasmina, and the rest of our amazing volunteers who make possible and enrich KIND’s work. Look for a second blog highlighting more volunteers next week.  


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