Isaias Shares his Story through Stop-Motion Video

October 7, 2021

Isaias Shares his Story

"A Light That Guides You"

Through KIND’s Voices and Imagination Stage project in August 2020, Isaias learned how to create and produce his own stop-motion animation. Isaias decided to share his story through a poem he wrote titled, A Light That Guides You, and through his artwork he created the below stop-motion video.
Isaias writes:
“My story is about a young man who has suffered through a lot in his life, from losing his parents to having depression and wanting to commit suicide. But he has a dream of being a singer and showing people that the impossible is possible. He’s bisexual, he’s not accepted by his family, especially by his relative who ascribes to a very conservative religion. And he decides to come out to his family, so he can be happy. But before all of that, when he tried to commit suicide, he meets a boy, who brings back happiness and joy that he had lost when he lost his parents. It feels so difficult because the whole world is against him. They don’t accept him for who he is and people criticize him for having a bad way of thinking and that he has a very mistaken and wrong way of life. He wants to die, but after showing them all that regardless of religion or the color of people’s skin or people’s sexuality, we all are valuable, we are all worth something.”

Isaias Comparte su Historia a Través de Video Stop-Motion