Celebrating the Inspiring Achievements of Immigrant Youth | KIND

June 28, 2023

We take immense pride in celebrating the exceptional achievements and successes of  immigrant youth. Our graduating clients have reached a significant milestone in their lives, we want to honor their unwavering determination, resilience, and the incredible journeys they have embarked upon. Throughout their high school and college years, they have demonstrated remarkable strength in overcoming numerous challenges, including navigating a new home and immigration proceedings.


Join us in exploring their inspiring stories and celebrating their remarkable accomplishments.

We’ve been inspired by the resilience of our clients who have graduated high school, stepping into a brighter future. Just like Yon, our recent graduate, their resolve is truly extraordinary.

Looking back on his high school journey, Yon sees a determined child with clear goals, seizing every opportunity and pushing forward. His graduation day stands out as a proud moment for him, not just for receiving a diploma but also being recognized for years of hard work. To those who doubted Yon’s success, the message is clear: hard work pays off, even if the results take time. “Keep looking ahead” remains his motto. Education has had a life-changing impact on Yon, shaping his aspirations for a fulfilling career and further studies.

Yon’s journey was not accomplished alone. At first, few believed in him, but that changed. The unwavering support of loved ones, like Yon’s mother, lawyers, and teachers, became a vital source of encouragement. Their belief and guidance played a significant role in Yon’s success. His story reminds us that with determination, support, and a belief in oneself, the impossible is possible!

Together, let’s continue to celebrate their achievements and eagerly anticipate the amazing futures that lie ahead for them!

Join us in celebrating twin siblings, Daniel and Catarina, on their graduation! Their high school journey is awe-inspiring.

Through Daniel’s involvement in track and the chess club, he found a sense of belonging and friendship that erased the loneliness he once felt. Winning first place in a chess tournament brought him so much joy, and his dedication to mastering the game led him to become the head of his chess team. Education has had a profound impact on Daniel’s life, especially in improving his English language skills. With the help of his teachers, he gained the ability to understand, speak, and write in English. Equipped with new skills, he plans to pursue his passion by studying computer technology and coding. For Daniel, graduating high school holds great significance. It symbolizes the beginning of a new chapter filled with limitless possibilities.

Arriving in the U.S. without knowing the language or anyone, Catarina faced immense challenges. However, her determination and the support of her mother played a crucial role in her success. Her mother’s words of wisdom—urging her to seize every educational opportunity—became a guiding light, propelling her forward even in moments of doubt. To those who questioned her capabilities, Catarina sends a resounding message: never judge a book by its cover. Despite grappling with a new language, she defied expectations and is now fluent in five languages. Her success is a testament to her intelligence and perseverance. Armed with her hard-earned diploma, she secured a role as a caregiver in a nursing home, where she finds joy in helping and communicating with residents.

Their stories are a true testament to their unwavering resilience. Let us congratulate Daniel and Catarina for all they’ve accomplished!

Let’s give a big shout-out to Jersi, a fantastic high school graduate of 2023!

Jersi is a kind and sweet student who has left a lasting impression on everyone he’s encountered. We’ve had the pleasure of witnessing his growth over the past two years, and today, we couldn’t be prouder of his accomplishments. Jersi wants to express their heartfelt thanks to their mom for being this constant support and making this day a dream come true. His gratitude knows no bounds for her unwavering and unconditional effort to see him through his journey as a 2023 graduate.

A special mention also goes to his best friend, who has been there from the very beginning, providing encouragement and support during the tough moments. Jersi wants to thank them for their friendship and unwavering support. As we celebrate Jersi’s graduation, let’s not only applaud his academic achievements but also recognize his kindness, determination, and the remarkable person he has become.

May this milestone be the beginning of a future filled with even greater success and happiness. Congratulations, Jersi!

We want to shine a spotlight on Julio, a remarkable individual who has just graduated from high school. Julio’s high school experience is defined by his unyielding focus and motivation. He faced his fears head-on, conquering his anxiety surrounding public speaking. As Julio himself says, “Everything can be achieved in this life when you want it.”
Throughout his journey, Julio has had the support of his aunt and a remarkable support system that has believed in him from the beginning. Their encouragement and belief in his abilities have played a pivotal role in his accomplishments. Julio, your determination and hard work have paid off, and today, we join you in celebrating your remarkable achievement!

Jerson achieved a great milestone, graduating from high school! His success was not without challenges, but with the guidance of his father and the support of his teachers, he remained determined to overcome every obstacle.
One of Jerson’s most cherished memories is his science teacher, who provided invaluable support as he learned English. Their encouraging words, “I am going to learn Spanish with you, and you’re going to learn English with me,” sparked Jerson’s passion for science. He found joy in exploring subjects like the environment and the solar system.
He aspires to continue his studies and pursue a military career. With his unwavering belief that anything is possible in life, Jerson is ready for the next step in his journey. Congratulations, Jerson! Your determination and dedication have brought you to this special achievement.

Throughout his high school journey, Geovany found strength in the friendships he made. As he adjusted to a new home and school, he discovered a supportive community of peers who shared similar experiences.

Geovany is grateful for his teachers who went the extra mile by learning Spanish to help him understand his assignments. His passion lies in biology, especially anything related to animals or marine life. This subject has ignited his curiosity and shaped his dreams for the future. Along the way, Geovany found unwavering support from his friends, father, and teachers. His father’s constant encouragement to work hard has been a driving force in his success.

Geovany sums up his high school experience with three powerful words: “I did it.” He takes immense pride in his accomplishments and looks forward to what lies ahead! Congratulations, Geovany!

We’re proud to spotlight Jose*, a remarkable high school graduate, as we continue to celebrate our clients’ achievements. Jose’s journey was marked by hard work and determination over the course of four years. He faced unique challenges, as he didn’t have the support of his parents like many of his classmates. Instead, he worked while attending school, often feeling exhausted and struggling to keep up.
Managing rent, bills, and other expenses on his own was a huge burden for Jose. The weight of these responsibilities made it difficult for him to stay focused in class. However, his teachers recognized his dedication and the obstacles he faced. Their understanding and encouragement motivated Jose to push harder and persevere through it all.

There were moments when Jose considered leaving school to only focus on work. But his teachers believed in him and presented a different path. They assured him that he could balance both work and education, a rare opportunity that not everyone has. With their guidance, Jose made the decision to continue his studies while supporting himself financially. Now, he proudly holds his high school diploma, a testament to his unwavering commitment!

Jose’s achievement fills him with immense pride. He recognizes that not everyone who faced similar circumstances continued to get their diploma. Many of his friends had to leave school along the way. The fact that he remained committed to his education is truly incredible.

Congratulations, Jose!

*Name changed to protect identity