Trauma, Grief, and Loss (TGL) Services for Californian Adolescents

February 23, 2021

Policy Brief

Trauma, Grief and Loss Services for Adolescent Students in California

Trauma, grief, and loss (TGL) services for Californian adolescents are needed now more than ever. It is crucial for students’ well-being, long-term health, and educational outcomes to have easily accessible TGL services at no cost to them. TGL services are especially critical for students of color and immigrant students, as well as other vulnerable student populations who are in need of mental health services.  This brief highlights the critical need for TGL services for Californian children and youth, especially adolescents.

KIND worked with the Women’s Policy Institute to develop the below resources:

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Fact Sheet

Trauma, Grief and Loss Services for Adolescent Students in California

How Does Trauma, Grief and Loss (TGL) Affect Adolescents? Why Provide Trauma, Grief, and Loss Services in High Schools? Specialized School-Based TGL Services Should be Provided for Adolescents, and case examples:

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Student Services for Trauma, Grief & Loss (TGL)

Traumatic events can involve an actual death, other loss, serious injury, or threat to the well-being. These events could include natural or manmade disasters, such as interpersonal violence, car accidents, war, or pandemics. Children suffering from child traumatic stress have been exposed to one or more traumas. A child may directly experience or witness a traumatic event.

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