Social Security Delays Impact on Unaccompanied Children

April 2, 2024

Social Security Delays Info Sheet

Social Security Delays Impede Unaccompanied
Children’s Integration, Safety, and Stability

Unaccompanied children overcome numerous barriers as they integrate into their communities and reach young adulthood. Obtaining a Social Security number is an important step in that process. Immigrants, including youth, may request a Social Security card be issued automatically when they receive their work authorization by requesting a card’s issuance on certain U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) immigration forms. Administered correctly, this interagency coordination saves time for applicants and the Social Security Administration (SSA) and facilitates the efficient issuance of new Social Security numbers (SSN). In recent months, youth using this process have faced widespread delays and failures in the delivery of requested Social Security cards. Such delays impede unaccompanied children’s ability to integrate into their communities and achieve stability.

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