Responding to the Unique Needs of Unaccompanied Afghan Children

October 26, 2023

image of Afghan fact sheet

In the two years since the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban, Kids in Need of Defense (KIND) has responded to the unique needs of unaccompanied and separated Afghan children in the United States to ensure their safety and protection.

Although shielded from the Taliban, these children’s path to permanent legal status and reunification with loved ones is fraught with challenges and uncertainty. Their ongoing legal cases are complex and have required KIND staff to research new areas of law to give our clients the best chance to remain in safety in the United States and reunify with their families.

Most of KIND’s Afghan clients are seeking asylum because their family members are targets of the Taliban for their work with the United States government. Many are winning their cases thanks to the children’s ability to tell their harrowing stories and the dedication of the KIND staff who have researched their cases tirelessly and argued new issues and points of law. KIND is also advocating forcefully for family reunification, assisting the children in the complex process of requesting that their families in danger be relocated to the United States. Additional ways we are helping unaccompanied Afghan children include:

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