Biden Administration Processing of Asylum Seekers Under MPP: Another Strong Step Toward Immigration Reform

February 12, 2021

Washington, DC—The Biden Administration’s announcement that it will begin to process asylum seekers who have been forced to wait in Mexico under the Trump Administration’s Migrant Protection Protocols (“Remain in Mexico” policy) is another important step in rebuilding the United States’ immigration system, which was systematically decimated over the last four years. KIND President Wendy Young issued the following statement on this change:

“KIND applauds the Biden Administration for yet another action that will help the United States reclaim its leadership in the protection of the most vulnerable.  The Migrant Protection Protocols upended a fundamental element of the U.S. immigration system built over many years to protect those facing persecution or other harm. Forcing families, including young children, to wait indefinitely in dangerous conditions, was a complete repudiation of this system and the values underpinning it. The return to this system will restore order to the border and will ensure the safe processing of asylum seekers.

The use of alternatives to detention is also an important step forward; alternatives have been proven extremely effective in ensuring that people remain engaged in their immigration proceedings without having to endure inhumane and harsh conditions in detention facilities.

While there is no question that we have a long way to go, every step takes us closer toward commonsense immigration reform that promotes order, fairness, and protection.”


Media Contact: Megan McKenna,, 202-631-9990