Jennifer Cortes from Verma Cortes LLC

June 18, 2022

June Attorney of the Month

Jennifer Cortes from Verma Cortes LLC

KIND’s Washington, D.C. Office is pleased to recognize Jennifer Cortes of Verma Cortes LLC as Pro Bono Attorney of the Month for June. On her fourth pro bono case with KIND, Jennifer went above and beyond to assist her client navigate challenging factual and procedural circumstances. As a result of her commitment and dedication to her pro bono matter, Jennifer secured lawful permanent status for her client.


Here is what Jennifer had to say about her experience:

When and why did you first take a KIND case?

The first pro bono case that I took with KIND was in 2013. I took the case because I wanted to help children. I remember sitting in Immigration Court at a master hearing and seeing children looking so afraid and lost.

How many KIND cases have you taken?

4 in total.

What have you learned from this experience or from your client?

To have a lot of patience! Most cases were very straight forward and got solved “quickly” (approximately 3 years). This last case took 6 years and it got more complicated than expected.

What is the most surprising thing you you’ve learned about the U.S. immigration system?

That it is a maze and even though you think you have a clear picture of it, it keeps changing.

What would you tell other attorneys to encourage them to take a KIND case?

That it is a very rewarding experience, especially because we are working with children. You get to see them grow and have changes in their lives. Also, you get incredible support from the KIND attorneys, so you are never alone in the immigration maze.

Do you have any advice for a new attorney taking their first pro bono case?

Get a good mentor and do not give up, even if things do not go as expected.