KIND client and artist Robin answers questions about his art for World Art Day

April 15, 2024

Join artist Robin on World Art Day as he reveals the stories behind his unique creations, the emotions driving his work, and the healing power of art. Discover how Robin’s cultural identity and life experiences influence his art, and the messages he hopes to inspire in viewers worldwide.


KIND: How does your work represent your cultural identity and the experiences you have gone through?  

My style of art is a little different, it’s very much my own. And in each work there is something new, new feelings and new experiences. Besides, I try to leave everything from the past in each one and not put every problem in each one I do. And when I do them, there are already different times, new thoughts. And sometimes things come up and I have to capture them as well so that they remain as a memory, although I don’t remember everything that goes into the painting. 

KIND: Can you share what this work means to you?

I’m going to try to describe it a little bit. It was one morning I was on my way to work and as always, I like to watch the sky, how it dawns and how it gets dark as well. That morning the moon was bright and it had some clouds, which were covering it a little bit, but you could see its light and I liked it. I said to myself, I’m going to try to make a new painting. And in that same morning I started to try a new style of painting, a new style, filled with layers and thin layers with water. 

KIND: How does art help you express emotions or experiences that may be difficult to put into words? 

Yes, they are difficult. A new language is said in the painting, but I cannot say them. Also with words, because that is something special and that is what makes this art special. And it helps me to keep my feelings, for things that are happening, it makes me forget everything a little bit, it makes me get out of this world. 

KIND: Is there a specific message or theme that you would like to share through your artwork to other people around the world?

Through my words, maybe it would just be the message that we should not give up at what we are good at. I fell in love with drawing since I was a child, and until now I’m still learning about it, but it’s because I haven’t left it, abandoned that kind of gift that was given to me. And I try to improve it, just as I try to improve myself as well. And that has also helped me to see the world differently. 

KIND: How has art served you as a form of therapy or healing?

It’s been my greatest teacher, which has taught me a little patience to just sit there, spending time with a pencil or a paintbrush. It’s a beautiful thing when inspiration comes, when you make it and think about it and do it, something that can’t even be described with time or words, it’s something so much your own, so unique, that you only feel once, once in a while, when you’re really inspired.