Note on Unaccompanied Children Fleeing from Ukraine

March 23, 2022

This briefing paper focuses on responses in the European Union (EU) to the arrival of unaccompanied children fleeing from Ukraine. It is evident that the scale and pace, and potentially long lasting nature, of the situation leads to huge difficulties in organising comprehensive responses from a legal, policy and practical…

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Stepping Stones to Safety

December 6, 2021

This joint report, by Child Circle and KIND, is intended to advance the vision and practical engagement of the many authorities, agencies, organisations and professionals…

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Dual Crises: KIND Report on Gender-Based Violence during the COVID-19 Pandemic

December 1, 2021

Gender-based violence has long been one of the main drivers of migration from Central America to the United States. Widespread violence, including sexual abuse, human…

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Implementation of the Mexican Legal Reforms that Prohibit Detention of Accompanied and Unaccompanied Migrant Children

March 22, 2021

Human rights organizations in Mexico have been advocating for alternatives to detention for migrant children for over 10 years. The impact of immigration detention on…

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Input to the Special Rapporteur for the Human Rights of Migrants

February 3, 2021

KIND joined The Center for the Human Rights of Children at Loyola University in Chicago submission to the Special Rapporteur on the Human Rights of…

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Advancing Protection

January 26, 2021

Today we publish Kids in Need of Defense (KIND) and Child Circle’s new report Advancing Protection for Unaccompanied Children in Europe by Strengthening Legal Assistance.…

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Thwarted Potential

November 5, 2020

In the summer of 2014, a dramatic rise in the number of unaccompanied children who were fleeing violence and danger in their home countries, particularly…

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Everyday Life is Fear: Violence Against Children and Youth in Honduras

November 26, 2019

In August 2019, Kids in Need of Defense (KIND) traveled to the Honduran cities of El Progreso, San Pedro Sula, and Tegucigalpa to learn more…

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The Invisible Wall: Obstacles to Protection along Mexico’s Southern Border

July 26, 2019

Kids in Need of Defense (KIND) visited Tapachula, Mexico in February and May of 2019, to learn about the experiences of unaccompanied migrant and refugee…

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Blocked from Safety: Unaccompanied Children along the U.S.-Mexico Border

June 3, 2019

Beginning in December 2018, Kids in Need of Defense (KIND) conducted a series of visits to different points along the United States-Mexico border to learn…

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