Governments must protect refugee children on the move

October 3, 2020

Washington, DC – Following reports of a large group of refugees fleeing north from Central America in search of protection, Kids in Need of Defense President Wendy Young issued statement:

“Endemic gender-based violence and organized crime are forcing children and other Central American refugees from their homes. Refugee children traveling without a parent or legal guardian, including those journeying with large groups of refugees, are particularly vulnerable and need protection. Their own governments have already failed to protect them. Governments who encounter them along their journey should never close their borders to refugees, including children. KIND urges governments to fulfil their legal and moral obligation to ensure their right to safety and due process, and to make decisions consistent with their best interests. It is essential that governments prioritize child safety and well-being over politics.”



Media Contact: Megan McKenna,, 202-631-9990