Avoidable Tragedy at Sea: KIND Calls for Safe and Legal Migration Routes to Safety in Europe

June 15, 2023

Brussels, Belgium

Kids in Need of Defense (KIND) issued the following statement in response to one of Europe’s worst refugee disasters at sea. Reports indicate that at least 78 people died and that hundreds more are missing, including up to 100 children, after a grossly overcrowded fishing boat, thought to have carried between 400 and 750 individuals, sank off the coast of Greece.   

KIND Senior Director for Europe Kirsty Thomson: 

“KIND is horrified by the sinking of a fishing boat in Greek waters thought to be carrying hundreds of refugees seeking safety in Europe, including 50 – 100 children. One of the most tragic aspects of the disaster is that it was avoidable. The United Nations has estimated that 20,000 people seeking safety in Europe have died crossing the Mediterranean since 2014, but little action has been taken to prevent these senseless deaths. Children alone, families, and others seeking protection from war, conflict, persecution, and other threats to their lives will continue to risk one of the deadliest crossings in the world until safe and legal migration routes are established.  

KIND urges immediate action to prevent future loss of life of those forced to flee their homes and have no other choice but to undertake a treacherous sea journey to seek safety.”


Media Contact: Megan McKenna, mmckenna@supportkind.org, 202-631-9990