KIND Legal Intern Works on Case of Afghan Child

September 25, 2023

Discover KIND’s intern, Sophie Alpert, impactful summer at KIND, supporting an Afghan child’s representation and delving into immigration policies for Afghans.

This summer I worked closely with my mentor at KIND to support the representation of an Afghan child who was separated from her family. I prepared legal filings, engaged directly with the client, and conducted research on immigration policies for Afghans to support the child’s case. I also participated in a range of legal trainings that gave me a comprehensive understanding of the law as it relates to unaccompanied children.  

Due to these trainings, I was also able to directly assist in the filing of a nine-year-old Afghan girl’s asylum application, including drafting her and her father’s declarations. I attended webinars regarding assisting Afghans with re-parole to ensure I had a comprehensive understanding of her case. Finally, I met with her and her father to finalize her application and engage in meaningful legal counsel under the supervision and support of a KIND staff attorney. Helping Afghan children who had to flee their country is just one example of the impactful work that KIND does.  

 As a law student, KIND is an ideal place to intern because in addition to the organization’s legal expertise on unaccompanied children, the working atmosphere is positive. At KIND, there is an organizational commitment to community and self-care. Representing unaccompanied children is important, courageous, and emotional work. KIND ensures that team members are supported in their mission to ensure that no unaccompanied child is without legal representation.  

One of my favorite days as an intern was attending a picnic at a local park with the KIND staff. KIND’s dedication to training and retaining their staff is evident in both the impact of KIND’s work with children and in the positive working environment, which have made my internship experience extremely positive and influential. I would highly recommend an internship with KIND for law students with a passion for advocacy, social justice, community, and service.