Letter to the editor: Kids used as bait

March 30, 2009

Re: Carol Marbin Miller’s March 27 article Family group blamed for turning in immigrants:

As a nation that defines itself by its family values, it is unconscionable that the United States continues to implement our immigration laws in a way that disregards the best interests of children and leads to the forcible separation of families.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement must make clear to agencies with which it has agreements that a child’s well-being should be considered foremost in all cases, and that children should never be used as bait to lure their family members in for arrest.

Causing fear of child welfare agencies in immigrant communities will bring great harm to children and could endanger their lives.

This is no way to solve our immigration issues and no way to treat children.

Executive Director, Kids in Need of Defense,
Washington. D.C.