KIND Fresno & San Francisco’s First Resource Fair A Huge Success

by Katie Annand   on August 9, 2017   in

KIND’s Fresno and San Francisco staff hosted a resource fair this past week with over 30 Central Valley based clients attending with their families. The resource fair took place in the UC Merced Fresno Center.  Attendees received an orientation from KIND’s Social Services Coordinator, a Know Your Rights presentation from the ACLU, and a presentation from United Health Center on trauma and the benefits of counseling. The highlight of the evening for the children in attendance was our guest speaker, Jonathan Colunga, a player for the Fresno Fuego soccer team. Jonathan came to the United States as a teen and shared his inspirational story with the children.  A number of our community partners attended and provided resources for the families, and every child went home with a soccer ball, two bags of food items, and a gift card for school clothes and supplies.

A big thank you to the 12 amazing organizations who made the day such a success for the families and children who attended:

Reforma, United Health Centers, Fresno County Library, California Highway Patrol, Lock It Up, Rape Crisis Center, Centro La Familia and CVIIC. The Speakers were Angelica Salceda from the ACLU, Sylvia Ramirez, Psy.D from United Health Centers and Jonathan Colunga from Fresno Fuego Soccer Team.

Photos from the event:


Donations for each family and child who attended the resource fair!

KIND Fresno & San Francisco Staff at the event!

The amazing partner organizations who donated their time and resources to the event!

KIND staff speaking at the event

Guest speaker, Jonathan Colunga, a player for the Fresno Fuego soccer team, speaking with kids at the event.

Kids received back to school donations to help them in the upcoming school year

KIND’s amazing Fresno & San Francisco team!



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