Honoring our San Francisco Pro Bono Attorneys

October 4, 2021

Kids in Need of Defense (KIND) is proud to honor pro bono attorneys who are providing vital legal services to refugee and immigrant children. KIND’s pro bono attorneys are at the core of KIND’s mission and go above and beyond to help unaccompanied children. They play a critical role in ensuring children receive the protections they deserve as they journey to the U.S. so they can live a life free of fear.

KIND is thrilled to honor our 2021 volunteers and attorneys and thank them for their service to unaccompanied children:

Mary Horst

San Francisco KINDness Matters Awardee of the Year

So many people flee their homes, not because they decide to do it on a whim or because they are out to get “benefits.” Many times they are literally fleeing for their lives. They walk for days, sometimes months, not knowing if they will even survive the journey. The children are either following their parents or may have already lost their parents to brutal violence. When they arrive here, they are already traumatized. They are not here to break our laws. They are trying to survive.

Brenda Rosales-Carrillo, Reed Smith LLP

San Francisco Pro Bono Advocate of the Year

I want people to know that unaccompanied children seeking protection are the bravest human beings you will ever meet. These children did not one day wake up and decide to take a trip to the United States. Instead, circumstances out of their control drove them to leave their home countries – alone – to have a chance at surviving. The amount of courage an adult – let alone a child – must have to leave their home country and everything they know to embark on that treacherous journey is beyond me.

Ryan Cobb, Peter Julian, Jason McDonell, Yvonne Marron, Sebastian Ayerdi, David Doak, Salesforce, Jones Day LLP and Quinn Emanuel LLP

San Francisco Pro Bono Team of the Year


This powerhouse team from Salesforce, Jones Day, and Quinn Emanuel LLP has shown great diligence and commitment in representing their clients seeking protection. We’re proud to recognize their hard work and providing critical services to unaccompanied children.