Honoring our Newark Pro Bono Attorneys

October 4, 2021

Kids in Need of Defense (KIND) is proud to honor pro bono attorneys who are providing vital legal services to refugee and immigrant children. KIND’s pro bono attorneys are at the core of KIND’s mission and go above and beyond to help unaccompanied children. They play a critical role in ensuring children receive the protections they deserve as they journey to the U.S. so they can live a life free of fear.

Find out more about the attorneys from our Newark office:

Jenna Ferraro, Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP

Newark KINDness Matters Awardee of the Year

I want attorneys to know how rewarding it is to be able to use your legal skills to help unaccompanied children that are seeking protection.  The legal system can be difficult to navigate, especially for unaccompanied children, and a lot of times these children have been through a lot.  Having legal representation to guide them through the process really makes such a difference, and there is no better feeling than being able to tell your clients they’ve been granted some form of relief or status.


Ellen Dowling, Verizon

Newark Pro Bono Advocate of the Year

Working with KIND and my KIND clients is a true privilege and these amazing kids have taught me about resiliency, bravery, trust, and hope. On their own, these kids take a harrowing journey to escape violence and trauma in their home countries, and arrive in the U.S. to face an equally harrowing journey through the immigration system.   Helping kids through the legal process impacts not only the future trajectory of that child, but of the family, and ultimately the community where that family lives.   After our first “win” in family court during her immigration journey, one of my KIND kids looked at me and said that she wanted to study hard so she could become a lawyer so she could also help other kids and families to rise up — it was one of my best moments as a lawyer and as a human.

Jeffrey Wild, Rasmeet Chahil, Natalie Kraner, Stacy Martinez, Lowenstein Sandler LLP

Newark Pro Bono Team of the Year


I’ve been a litigator for more than 35 years. No “win” is more gratifying than knowing that your child client has just been granted asylum – and can now grow up in safety, without fear of the death threats that forced him to flee for his life.

It has been a privilege to represent and obtain asylum for one of the families separated at the border under the “zero tolerance” policy. While this undoubtedly inadequate recompense for what they suffered because of their forced separations, they can at least sleep safely at night knowing they will never be separated again or forced to return to the horrific and life-threatening conditions that made them flee their home country in the first place.



Jarett Sena, Rolnick Kramer Sadighi LLP

Newark Pro Bono Team of the Year

When we were preparing our client for his credible fear interview, he began to ask us various questions about what would happen to his son if he did not get asylum. This is when I began to realize the profound impact KIND has on the lives of parents and their children in need of safety.