Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB)

– KIND President, Wendy Young (she/her/hers)

At KIND, we believe Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) are fundamental to advocating for a world in which children’s rights and well-being are protected as they migrate alone in search of safety. We support and prioritize our staff’s need to feel valued, included, and have a sense of belonging within our organizationWe commit to prioritizing DEIB efforts by aligning our actions with our values, establishing best practices, and implementing programs to remove barriers that affect staff retention, morale, and advancement. We believe in moving the needle beyond just words to transformative action that embeds DEIB in all that we do. It is a way of working that is transparent throughout the entire employee experience at KIND, beginning with the screening of candidates to an employee’s departure from the organization. DEIB inform our delivery on mission, guide our collective decision-making, and are at the forefront of the work we do with each other and the clients we serve at KIND every day.

Our Mission Towards Inclusion

At KIND, we envision an organization that embraces DEIB by actively challenging the systems of oppression that adversely impact our clients, staff, and the work we do together advocating for a world in which children's rights and well-being are protected as they migrate alone in search of safety. We acknowledge bias and privilege create, perpetuate, and result in the marginalization of groups of people. We believe recognizing, evaluating, and challenging how systems adversely impact historically marginalized communities are the first steps toward building a more inclusive and equitable world and work environment. We are committed to advancing DEIB through all of our actions and decision making to build a dignified and inclusive workplace for all staff to feel included, welcomed, and valued in the work we do with each other, clients, and external partners.

The KIND Life: Fostering Inclusion and Belonging

Where KIND Staff are Located

Global map that represents where KIND staff is located

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Employee Benefits and Wellness

At KIND we believe in a holistic approach to wellness and as such we have a series of benefits for the team, some examples of these are:

  • Medical, vision and dental care – KIND offers medical insurance plans to all employees. KIND pays 100% of the employee portion of the premium for medical, dental and vision plans.
  • Employer paid wellness to include Headspace, Employee Assistance and Resiliency Program, and Linea de Apoyo (Spanish-Speaking Countries)
  • Paid family leave for eligible employees.
  • Ensuring Accessibility — KIND prioritizes accessibility across our organization by implementing initiatives such as providing Live Captions on MS Teams and offering Spanish interpretations in our all-staff events to accommodate diverse language needs.
  • Benefits may vary to comply with all applicable country and local laws.
  • Paid Wellness days and Winter Break. 
  • Quarterly Wellness webinars on topics including burnout, setting boundaries, effective goal setting, and coping with trauma. 
  • Global Holiday Recognition – At KIND, we aim to formally honor and respect country-specific holidays, allowing our global team to celebrate their cultural traditions and fostering a workplace where everyone feels valued and supported.  

KIND DEIB Committee 

Established in 2021, the committee aims to foster a sustainable and inclusive work environment at KIND, ensuring that every individual feels a sense of belonging. We collaborate across departments to promote DEIB, striving to create a dignified workplace where all staff feel included, welcomed, and valued in the work we do with each other, clients, and external partners.

"Being part of the DEIB Committee at KIND is often a commitment to actively contribute to the ongoing process of building a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment. It involves taking proactive steps to address challenges, promote understanding, and create positive change within the organization. KIND’s DEIB committee is very proactive in creating a safe space to work, the commitment is real and furthermore promotes a community that values diversity, promotes equity, and ensures inclusion for all members."
Yvonne Casta (she/her) Paralegal
"As a First-Generation immigrant and college graduate, being part of the DEIB Committee at KIND means I can show up to work as my full self. Along with my personal, professional, and academic experiences I am able to take an active role in promoting an anti-racist, culturally competent, and inclusive environment that values DEIB in my office and beyond! "
Tamara Kissoon (she/her) Social Services Coordinator
"I'm currently starting my second term on KIND's DEIB committee, and I've enjoyed seeing the work of the committee change and evolve as new members come on board and introduce new ideas and perspectives. It's been an honor to work with such an energetic and dedicated group of colleagues, and I've had the opportunity to get to know people across departments and identify common goals and priorities. I'm glad that KIND has made the space for this critical work, and I'm excited to see what the committee and the organization more broadly accomplish moving forward!"
Rachel Dotson (she/her) Senior Director for Latin America

Culturally Inclusive Programming

mexican woman cooking chiles en nogada recipe with Poblano chili and ingredients, traditional dish in Puebla Mexico

  • Culturally-based Cooking Workshops
    • Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month: Mexican Cuisine Cooking Workshop 
    • Celebrating Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Heritage Month: Indonesian Cuisine Cooking Workshop 
  • “What Makes Me” Series: This series began as a means to foster connections among KIND’s staff across the organization’s various offices and locations. It was driven by a shared curiosity to explore the unique motivations that led them to work at KIND. The format follows a show-and-tell approach, using videos, images, and texts through which KIND staff share aspects of their diverse cultural backgrounds that are significant in shaping their identities. 
Group of KIND staff in Tapachula.

  • Cultural Responsiveness Training
    • KIND staff learned about the challenges of practicing cultural responsiveness in both client and staff settings, and practiced strategies for being culturally responsive. 
  • Relationship Inclusion Strategies for Supervisors
    • Supervisors learned how to facilitate relationship building and inclusion tools to help dispel assumptions about people’s identities and feelings, while creating meeting/team/conversation agreements that identify and address needs and concerns.
Young child near border.

  • Pride Month Leaders Spotlight
    • Our senior leaders share insights on why the celebration of Pride month is crucial, as well as delve into the unique challenges faces by LGBTQIA+ clients and the importance of recognizing Pride in the workplace.
  • First Generation Professionals Spotlight
    • Focused on the triumphs and challenges faced by first-generation professionals in the workplace, this spotlight sheds light on the experiences, achievements, and unique perspectives of first-generation professionals within our KIND community.