Two migrant teenage girls embrace in a hug along a busy street

KIND recognizes International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

Gender-based violence is one of the primary reasons immigrant and refugee women and girls flee their homes to seek safety. Their countries cannot or will…...

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Celebrating Hope for Children and their Families at the U.S.-Mexico Border 

On World Children’s Day, Kids in Need of Defense (KIND) is celebrating a court decision earlier this week that will help protect migrant children and…...

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Colored pencils on top of Dari dictionary

“How are you?” Listening and Providing Hope to Detained, Separated Afghan children

Meet KIND Staff Attorney Cruz Espitia, Esq, on our detained team. He is helping to provide hope to detained, separated Afghan children....

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Coming Together for Children Alone - In Person - after Three Years

On Monday, October 17th, KIND and over 400 of its partners, donors, and supporters gathered at the American Museum of Natural History in New York…...

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Now is the Time to Hire Child Welfare Professionals at the Border

Our Policy and Advocacy team visited Ciudad Juárez and El Paso last week to survey shelters, emergency intake sites, and the procedures for managing child…...

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Citizenship Day 2022: Another Beginning

A few months ago, I opened an email from KIND attorney Lauren Sullivan in which she proudly told us that one of her clients had…...

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Latina young woman with bright smile holding up certificate for her naturalization ceremony

Honoring Citizenship Day

We talked with KIND's senior attorney, Lauren Sullivan on honoring Citizenship Day and witnessing her client become a U.S. citizen....

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Javier Zamora’s Solito: Filled with Love, Hope, and Honesty

Solito was not what I expected. Instead of a sad tale of violence, despair, and heartache, it was a beautiful and detailed description from a…...

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Joyfully Joining Client’s Journey

Kimberly Krone, KIND's Senior Attorney in the Newark office talks about relationship between her client....

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