image of child's hands making food in a kitchen

KIND’s Newark Office Launches Wellness Summer Series

Back in June, KIND clients from the Newark office gathered for a special event, Healthy Food on a Budget, as part of their "Wellness Series".…...

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A young boy with a baseball cap and backpack with a U.S. flag on it embarks on a journey to seek safety and protection

KIND Launches CAM Kids to Help Children in Danger Seek Safety in the United States

KIND's CAM Kids program provides vital support to children in Central America seeking safety in the United States. Learn more about our critical work....

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KIND staff speaking with migrant child from our Mexico team

KIND’s Social Services Offers Long-term Case Management to Youth

Discover KIND's impactful long-term approach to social services, empowering youth with client-centered focus and proactive case management. Witness how our program fosters growth and fulfills…...

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A mother with her two young girls hold her children in an embrace as they wait to surrender at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Reuniting Forcibly Separated Families: Insights from Program Coordinator Emelie Viklund, Border Team

KIND's Program Coordinator, Emelie Viklund, shares heartwarming stories of family reunification, showcasing the positive impact of their work in reuniting forcibly separated families....

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Rodolfo drawing dragon ball z image

From the Field: Therapy Through Dragon Ball Z

Paola Padron is a Senior Social Services Coordinator in KIND’s Atlanta office and has been with KIND since August 2021. Paola supports unaccompanied children who…...

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Asylum seeker children play while waiting for US Customs and Border Protection agents to allow them enter the country at the San Ysidro crossing port on the US-Mexico border.

KIND’s Language Access Working Group Helps Indigenous Language Speakers

Discover how LAWG is dedicated to better serving Indigenous language clients, ensuring access to vital legal and psychosocial services. Learn about the challenges faced when…...

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Spotlight on KIND’s Language Access Working Group

KIND, a global organization serving children from 80 countries, prioritizes language access through its Language Access Working Group (LAWG). With a focus on Indigenous language…...

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KIND staff engaging with migrant children for World Refugee Day event.

KIND Celebrates World Refugee Day in Tapachula, Mexico

Last month, KIND staff in Tapachula, Mexico, celebrated World Refugee Day with children, youth, and families on the move and members of the local community…...

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KIND staff at the U.S.-Mexico border on the bridge.

From the Field: Director of Latin American Policy Catherine Mongeon describes visit to U.S.-Mexico Border

Last month I visited the KIND offices in El Paso, Texas, and Juarez, Mexico to meet with my colleagues on both sides of the border…...

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