My Great History

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My name is Rafael. I was born in El Salvador, the smallest country in Central America, I remember I had a good childhood, a lot of friends with whom to go out playing football and cycling, I also liked going to the beach with my family and uncles. I liked going to the movies, Go out to eat, play bowling, go to swimming pools and visit other places. I studied in a Jesuit college, and it was quite large and strict. I received 13 subjects and the lowest grade to pass was a 6 and we read many works as well. I like the school I had to many friends and I like all the things in the school.

When I was 13 years old, I had to leave due to the violence that was being experienced because many people die every day, and there was a lot of crime and extortion.

Everything changed when I came into this country, with a new language, different culture, climate and friends. But I do not regret everything that I had to through to get her. I always had the hope that I would reach the United States, until today.

I want to be good in computing and engineering, and to have a great future. I would like to have a great job and to have a family.

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