How My Life Has Changed

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It is not easy being an immigrant. My life has changed in positive and negative ways because I came to the United States, and mostly in my English, my Arabic and in learning to advocate.

One positive change is I learned a lot of English. I helped my family with my English translations and also sign language in Arabic. I am learning in United States of America and about especially English. People think we are bad people. We don’t know why they judge what they see.

One negative change is my Arabic. The negative change is about how my Arabic is hard for me to learn now because I’m used to English. My life is about Arabic because I am from an Arab country. I speak Arabic with my family and some of my friends. My Arabic is important for half of my life because of my culture and my religion and I speak with my family.

Last positive change is that I am learning to advocate. Advocacy is important for me because I can speak up to people. Advocacy is also a thing for me because I can tell people not to judge others before they know the truth about them. Advocacy is teaching me to speak in different ways to different people. For example, I speak 4 languages and I speak different specific languages to people

In conclusion, I think my English, Arabic and my advocacy have all changed in positive and negative ways. These positive changes can help me have better future, I hope.

In the future, I want to become a person who can help people solve their problems.

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