Voices Advocacy Day

On July 17, 2017, KIND hosted its first advocacy day event for Voices That Matter Most project with visits to four offices on Capitol Hill with 10 students with whom KIND has been working since September 2016. Students shared their stories throughout the meetings and had the opportunity to ask questions pertaining to immigration rights in their communities, how the U.S. government could help them, and their goals in sharing their stories with them!


Frista, Hender, and Mwamini reflect on the days activities by answering some questions on camera! Watch here: 




Photos from Advocacy Day 

Voices kids in front of the Supreme Court

The kids get ready to share their stories in their first meeting. Frishta from Afghanistan shared, "We came here because Afghanistan wasn’t safe. In my country we always heard shooting, family members died or were handicapped. I was scared at night. I was a girl. Even though the government shouted for equality between men and women, we all knew it was all just a show. In America I am safe and I have real rights as a girl."

"I Am from a place where to be called a refugee is one thing but to be asked why you’re a refugee is the hardest question to answer. I Am from a place where suffering in subtle." -Mwamini, from Congo, shared her story with hill staff.

"Everything changed when I started high school. In my first three days, problems with gangs started happening. I had to leave my high school because we received a call from gang members threatening my family and me, and they wanted to force us to give money as a way to intimidate us. It’s important for me to tell my story because I want to people know about why I came here and what is happening in my country." -Hender, from El Salvador, shared his story with hill staff.

“If there is one criminal, they think it is everyone. It’s not. For me, I want to go into the Army. I can help the U.S. and be part of the U.S.” -Voices Participant

"One dream for me is to become an immigration lawyer, as well an activist to fight for people's rights, and give a stop to discrimination because we are all here equal." -Lillian, from Mexico, shared her story