The Voices That Matter Most

Immigrant and refugee children have powerful voices and compelling stories of fear, flight, resilience, and hope.  Through workshops, trainings, and public speaking opportunities, the Voices That Matter Most project helps children tell their personal stories, build communication skills and gain confidence and self-esteem that will help set them on a path toward hopeful and productive futures.  As they share their unique stories through the Voices project, these young people educate the public and policymakers, and bring about positive change within their schools, their communities, and beyond.

“If we don’t tell our stories, others will tell them for us—and they will get them wrong.” – student participant

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Become a school partner and bring the project into your classroom!


Become a volunteer mentor and work with immigrant and refugee students as they develop their stories and share in the community.


Host a community conversation! It could be an open-mic night or a small get together with supporters, giving the students a chance to engage within their community.