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Supporting kids in need this week

by Alex Pender   on January 18, 2017   in

Are you looking for something meaningful to do this week? As we approach a new era, KIND has received many inquiries from supporters looking for ways to help our young immigrant and refugee clients. You

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Back to School Campaign – A huge success!

by Alex Pender   on October 18, 2016   in

In August, KIND launched a national “Back to School” campaign which featured a dedicated page on KIND’s website to recognize and thank attorneys who took cases throughout the campaign.  The campaign, which was a great success, featured past

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A Day with KIND and Senator Hirono Observing Children in Immigration Court

by Mary Elizabeth Maffei   on October 3, 2016   in

Monday, September 26, 2016   It’s early Monday morning as I enter the Baltimore Immigration Court with KIND staff to meet Senator Mazie Hirono (D-HI) and her staff. Senator Hirono is there to observe the

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US Must Demonstrate Authentic Leadership on Refugee Protection at UN in September

by Megan McKenna   on September 20, 2016   in

September 16, 2016—While KIND welcomes the much-needed global focus on refugees and migrants as part of the UN General Assembly convening this fall—the UN High-Level Meeting Addressing Large Movements of Refugees and Migrants on September

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KIND Advisory on U.S. v Texas

by Megan McKenna   on June 24, 2016   in

U.S. Supreme Court 4-4 vote in US v. Texas leaves in place national injunction against proposed DACA & DAPA programs.  For more information on the effects, see KIND’s advisory below. Split Ruling in U.S. v.

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SCOTUS: No Security for Immigrant Families

by Megan McKenna   on June 23, 2016   in

KIND is deeply disappointed by the Supreme Court’s split decision on U.S. v. Texas. The expansion of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA+) and Deferred Action for Parents of Americans (DAPA) would have meant a

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What would you do to save your child? World Refugee Day 2016

by Megan McKenna   on June 20, 2016   in

Millions of parents and caregivers around the world are faced with this unfathomable question. Those whose children are caught in war, or face persecution simply because of who they are, are forced to make the

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by Megan McKenna   on June 17, 2016   in

KIND offers our condolences and support to the Orlando community in light of the appalling mass shooting, which has shaken us all deeply.  In times like these, we need to make a special effort to

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KIND Expands Its Work to UK

by Megan McKenna   on May 25, 2016   in

Award-winning legal agencies in the United Kingdom  are working in collaboration with KIND to set up a ground-breaking pro bono project, which will help vulnerable children in the UK secure citizenship rights. Kids In Need

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Obama Administration Plan to Resurrect Failed Raids and Deportations Policy to Deter Arrivals of Unaccompanied Refugee Children and Women Precisely Wrong Approach

by KIND   on May 12, 2016   in

Statement by KIND President Wendy Young May 12, 2016—KIND strongly opposes the Obama Administration’s plans to conduct raids over the next two months to round up and deport hundreds of immigrant mothers and children back

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