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We are all responsible when a child dies at the border

by Jennifer Podkul   on May 29, 2019   in

By Jennifer Podkul Senior Director of Policy and Advocacy, Kids in Need of Defense (KIND) As a lawyer who works to protect children who come to the United States without their parents, I got a

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Largest Yet: KIND 2019 Coming Together for Children Alone Gala Benefit Dinner

by Megan McKenna   on April 18, 2019   in

KIND’s 2019 Benefit Gala “Coming Together for Children Alone” was KIND’s largest and most varied yet, with a wide-ranging (and funny) conversation between Brad Smith and The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah; a multi-media performance featuring

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On International Women’s Day, KIND Celebrates the Strength and Resilience of Immigrant Girls

by Rachel Dotson   on March 8, 2019   in

Josie, an adolescent girl from El Salvador, is thriving in the United States. She is living with a foster family and attends high school, where she was recently chosen as the school’s “Student of the

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Empowering Girls in the Guatemalan Highlands through Economic Rights and Entrepreneurship Training

by Rachel Dotson   on February 22, 2019   in

On a warm day in late June, a group of 13 adolescent girls gathered in the offices of Colectivo Vida Digna, a nonprofit organization in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala that partners with KIND to provide reintegration support

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KIND in Action: On the Ground in Tijuana

by Megan McKenna   on January 31, 2019   in

A team of three KIND staff members went to Tijuana in December to look at conditions unaccompanied children were facing and their access to asylum in the United States. The Q&A below explains what they

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A Heartfelt Thank You from KIND

by Eleanor Gartner   on December 14, 2018   in

From the pervasive gang and sexual and gender-based violence throughout Central America that forced so many children to flee their home countries, to the trauma of the “Zero Tolerance” policy, which tore them apart from

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Voices from the Field: Gabriel Moreno

by Alex Pender   on December 14, 2018   in

Gabriel Moreno KIND – Senior Attorney How long have you been working at KIND and what can you tell us about your experience working at the organization so far? I started as a volunteer attorney

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You Belong Here

by Natalie Giron   on October 15, 2018   in

The greatly disturbing rhetoric about immigrants that we hear these days does not take into consideration that children, mothers, and parents are just human beings traveling under brutal conditions to the United States to escape

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Partnering with Teachers in the Guatemalan Highlands to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse

by Rachel Dotson   on September 11, 2018   in

In June, KIND’s regional team visited the San Isidoro School in San Ildefonso Ixtahuacán, Huehuetenango, Guatemala, where teachers are engaging primary school students in games, songs, and other age-appropriate activities related to their right to

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Why do they flee? Lack of protection for survivors of violence against women and girls in Central America

by Rachel Dotson   on August 11, 2018   in

Desperate for help after enduring a severe beating by her partner, 36-year-old Jaqueline went to a police station in Guatemala City on June 22, 2018 to file a report against her partner. She left the

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