Helping Parents and Children Separated at the Border

by Alex Pender   on September 12, 2018

Pro Bono Attorney of the Month

David Cabello, Blank Rome LLP


David Cabello, Partner at Blank Rome LLP in Houston, is currently working on two pro bono cases with KIND’s office in Houston and has advocated on behalf of refugees, asylum seekers, and immigrants over the past 10 years.   When news broke over the summer that children were being torn apart from their parents at the border, David knew he had to drop everything to help.

“When we started talking to these families, many of the parents had been separated from their children for almost two months and we realized just how much of a problem it was and heard for the first time from the parents how devastated they were not being able to see or talk or be with their children.”

David shared the below quotes from two of the parents he met with on the border:

“Taking my daughter away from me is not just – it is cruel.  I didn’t think the United States could be so cruel.” – Mother from Guatemala who was separated from her 17-year-old daughter.

“I haven’t seen my son in over two months – I don’t want anything from the United States other than my son.” – Father who was separated from his 9-year-old son. 

Watch the full video interview with David below:


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