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“My Story”: A rap by KIND client Josie

  on May 8, 2019   in video

KIND client Josie* fled sexual and gender-based violence in El Salvador for safety in the United States. She wanted to share her story to help others – and found her voice through writing and performing

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KIND’s 2018 Gala Videos

  on April 23, 2018   in video

A collection of videos from the speakers at KIND’s 10-year anniversary gala in New York City on April 10th.

Protecting Children Alone

  on April 20, 2018   in video

Narrated by Lord Alf Dubs, children are fleeing violence and searching for protection. You can help today.    

Hope for Nayeli

  on January 22, 2018   in video

Nayeli fled her home in search of safety and protection in the US. With the help of KIND and her pro bono attorneys at Microsoft, Nayeli now has legal relief in the US. Here, she

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A Vital Asylum Win in Houston

  on October 8, 2015   in video

  Latania Mena took her on her first pro bono case with KIND and recently received notice that she won her first asylum grant for a 13-year-old boy from El Salvador.  Latania was successful at

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Lilian’s Journey

  on April 22, 2015   in video

Learn why Lilian came alone to the United States, leaving her home in El Salvador and risking her life.

Brandon’s Journey

  on February 9, 2015   in video

John Lemacks, Tafapolsky & Smith LLP

  on February 1, 2015   in video

On March 2nd KIND hosted its first Google Hangout with Pro Bono Attorney of the Month, John Lemacks. John is a partner at Tafapolsky & Smith LLP in Los Angeles and has been with the

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Angela’s Story

  on April 6, 2014   in video

“When I was in the immigration center almost everyone was crying because they wanted their family to be with them” – Angela, El Salvador

Four-year Haitian girl finds help in US

  on June 6, 2011   in video

“Fifi, what do you want to be when you grow up?” “I want to be a judge, Judge Fifi” – Fifi, Haiti (4 years old)