How You Can Help Separated Families and Ensure Protection for Children

Published   on June 28, 2018

Genesis, a 5-year old girl from Honduras, was separated from her mother, Lilian, for about two months, including a 15-20 day period during which Lilian had no idea where Genesis was being held. Lilian was released on bond following a positive credible fear interview and reunited with Genesis. Genesis and Lilian are receiving counseling services to address with the trauma of separation. Lilian and Genesis are applying for asylum based on gang attacks and threats of murder.


Luisa, 7 years old, was separated from her father upon entering the U.S. in late June.  Luisa’s mother entered a day later with Luisa’s 10-year-old brother.  KIND met Luisa in a detention facility. Both times KIND met with Luisa, she spent most of the time crying inconsolably.  Luisa was not able to articulate why her family came to the U.S.  Luisa’s mother passed a credible fear interview and was released with Luisa’s brother.  Luisa has been extremely traumatized from the separation and will likely be in a very delicate when she is released to her mother. As of September 24, she had still not been released.


Brianna was separated from her 7-year-old son Brian, who suffers from a mental disability, shortly after entering the U.S. in early June.   Brianna fled an abusive partner in Honduras.  Brianna was told she would see her son in a few days. This did not happen however. Briana was released in early July.  ICE did not release Brian immediately Brianna, but three volunteer law firm attorneys helped get Brian back. They were re-united in mid-July. Briana said that Brian was very happy to see her and that he immediately recognized her as his mother.

These are the stories of some of the separated children KIND is helping.

Here is what you can do:

Sign the petition

Add your name to this KIND/ online campaign to demand the Trump administration end long-term, indefinite detention of immigrant children:


Help us stop this cruel policy of family separation for good and help us ensure these children have access to representation to assist them in their immigration proceedings. Please visit

Spread the word

Follow KIND online @supportkind on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to get the latest news and information about family separation and the protection of children. Use these hashtags:

  • #EndFamilyDetention
  • #KeepFamiliesTogether
  • #ProtectFamilies
Contact your Member of Congress

Urge your Senators and Representative to:

  • Do not trade family separation with unlimited family detention and lack of due process. Demand that President Trump end all family separation and detention through social media, letters, appropriations, and in Congressional hearings
  • Support efforts to defund family separation in appropriations and decrease funding for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Customs and Border Protection, and the U.S. Attorneys’ Offices within the Department of Justice
  • Urge your Member of Congress to cosponsor the following legislation:
Write/Sign an Op-Ed

Write/sign an Op-Ed in your local newspaper/online media outletsPrevious Op-Eds can be seen on KIND’s social media outlets.

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