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  on November 1, 2018   in reports

Frequently Asked Questions   What is KIND? Kids in Need of Defense (KIND) helps unaccompanied immigrant and refugee children who come to the United States without parents or legal guardians seeking safety. We envision a

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2017 Annual Report

  on October 11, 2018   in reports

Death by a Thousand Cuts

  on May 16, 2018   in reports

DEATH BY A THOUSAND CUTS THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION’S SYSTEMATIC ASSAULT ON THE PROTECTION OF UNACCOMPANIED CHILDREN Since its first days, the Trump Administration has sought to limit protections for some of the most vulnerable migrants

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2017 Year in Review

  on March 9, 2018   in reports

As KIND enters its tenth year of ensuring that no child faces immigration court alone, we celebrate the bravery, resiliency and successes of the over 15,500 children we have served: boys and girls who came

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Targeting Families

  on December 20, 2017   in reports

Targeting Families: How ICE Enforcement Against Parents and Family Members Endangers Children   EXECUTIVE SUMMARY With immigration policy at the forefront of national debates, harsh rhetoric has transformed into even crueler realities for the most

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2016 Annual Report

  on November 29, 2017   in reports


Childhood Cut Short

  on June 7, 2017   in reports

Childhood Cut Short: Sexual and Gender-based Violence Against Central American Migrant and Refugee Children   Since 2011, the number of unaccompanied Central American children arriving in the United States and Mexico has increased dramatically. The

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Neither Security nor Justice

  on May 4, 2017   in reports

Neither Security nor Justice: Sexual and Gender-based Violence and Gang Violence in El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala    “I can tell a woman that she should report domestic violence, but she will ask me, ‘Who

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Betraying Family Values

  on March 9, 2017   in reports

How Immigration Policy at the United States Border is Separating Families While it is not yet clear how the Trump Administration will implement the border enforcement policies laid out in the President’s recent executive order,

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