Betraying Family Values

Published   on March 9, 2017

How Immigration Policy at the United States Border is Separating Families

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While it is not yet clear how the Trump Administration will implement the border enforcement policies laid out in the President’s recent executive order, it is clear that the needless separation of families during immigration enforcement along the southern border will not only continue, but worsen. The Administration’s elimination of existing prosecutorial discretion and parole policies, and plans to prosecute parents, combined with its goal of universal detention will break even more families apart and leave even more parents to make the heart-wrenching choice between family separation and return to a country where their and their children’s lives are at risk.


The consequences of family separation are clear and the urgency for policy change cannot be dismissed. As families continue to seek protection at our borders, KIND, LIRS, and WRC hope that this report will inform policymakers, legislators, and the public of how border enforcement policies have long failed families, and of the increased risks and costs of indiscriminate enforcement and detention on family unity and child well-being.

En contra de los valores familiares: Cómo las políticas migratorias en la frontera de los Estados Unidos están separando familias

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