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KIND continues to build a robust national network of pro bono attorneys who have been trained by KIND and who have represented unaccompanied children in their search for safety, including children who have been persecuted in their home countries; trafficked to the U.S., and abused, abandoned or neglected; these are among the many protection needs of these uniquely vulnerable children.

We have trained nearly 40,000 attorneys, paralegals, and law students, and partnered with over 600 corporations, law firms, law schools, and bar associations. Firms often take numerous cases in their offices across the country and establish in-house expertise.  In addition to in-person trainings and mentorship, KIND’s online manual helps our attorneys access information whenever they need it; numerous other resources are also available to KIND volunteers.

To learn how your law firm, corporate legal department, law school, or bar association can get involved in one of the cities where we work, please contact Nirupa Narayan, or contact the KIND office nearest to you.

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The difference an attorney can make

Mary has endured trauma that no one, let alone a teenage girl, should ever experience.  Growing up in Central America, Mary was beaten and abused by her family members.  She was forced to work various jobs instead of attending school and often went hungry because her family neglected to feed her. When Mary was a teenager, a woman offered her the opportunity for a better life in the US. The woman said that her associates would give Mary a safe home in the US and pay for Mary’s travel expenses.  Mary accepted the woman’s offer and agreed to leave her home and travel with the woman to the US.   Soon thereafter, Mary discovered that the woman had lied about her true intentions.  In fact, the woman and her associates were sex traffickers.  Mary suffered horrible abuse by the woman’s associates before she was abandoned in the US near the border with Mexico. Mary was taken into custody by US immigration officials and, eventually, released to live with a foster family. KIND matched Mary with attorneys at Mintz Levin LLP who help her get green card.  Without their help, Mary could have been sent back to her home country where she would have faced continual abuse and even death.


Pro Bono Attorney Testimonials


“We knew Layla had been surrounded by terrible violence, and we spent the first two meetings just listening to her story. It was really tough. She was a bubbly nine year old who just wanted to be with her family. She told us wanted to become a joyful teacher when she grows up, but it’s really hard for her to talk about what she saw in El Salvador and the danger her family faced.” – Alexandra Lu, Associate, Goodwin

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“We all have a responsibility to protect those who cannot protect themselves.” -Kurt Hansson, Global Vice-Chairman of Paul Hastings LLP

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“Helping the clients in these cases, the children themselves, is really what I am passionate about. These kids are caught in the crossfire of this very dangerous and daunting situation in their home countries and the political strife around immigration in this country. But these are just two young girls who are trying to have a safe childhood with a loving family member, just like any other kids would.” Kira Hettinger, Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll PLLC

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“It is truly inconceivable to expect a child to stand before a judge in a foreign country and to articulate in one minute or less why they face persecution or how they have been abused, abandoned, or neglected and how that trauma should garner them relief from deportation.” – Alexandra Hess, Hughes Hubbard & Reed LLP

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