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KIND works to protect unaccompanied children wherever they are in their journeys

We help children through legal services; public education and outreach in the U.S., Central America and Mexico; and reintegration support for children returning alone from the U.S. to their home countries.

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Legal Services

KIND provides pro bono attorneys to represent unaccompanied children in their deportation proceedings, as well as legal screenings, and Know Your Rights presentations. We do this largely through our partnerships with major law firms and corporations, as well as law schools which have agreed to represent children referred to KIND at no cost. KIND trains and mentors our volunteer attorneys so no prior immigration experience is necessary
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Policy Education and Outreach

We work with the White House, Capitol Hill and federal agencies to help ensure that unaccompanied children receive fair and appropriate treatment while in the U.S. immigration system. We attempt to broaden understanding of these children, including the experiences that forced them out of their communities and drove them to come alone to the United States; the lack of fair access to the U.S. protection system after they arrive; and the potential dangers that many of these children face upon return to their home country.
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International Programs

With the challenge of an unprecedented number of unaccompanied children coming to the U.S., we have an historic opportunity to enhance awareness of child migration and to promote regional standards and joint action for the protection of children on the move. KIND is expanding its work in Central America and Mexico to protect children’s rights and safety before, during and after migration
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“When I was in the immigration center almost everyone was crying because they wanted their family to be with them” – Angela, El Salvador

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“It was kind of like my dream was becoming true and I finally had a lawyer because I always dreamed of that. Bill was the reason for this, he helped me find a shelter, and he is helping me with the process of getting my papers.” – Jeannette, Guinea

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“Going to school and all the opportunities here – it has changed me. I found out that I like math and physics,” he said. “Everything is like a big open door.” – Brandon, Guatemala

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