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Three Young Girls Were Separated at the Border from a Father with HIV

by Beth Fertig   on September 3, 2019   in wnyc-news   publication:

Fourteen year-old Andrea remembers the last time she saw her father. They had just crossed the border near El Paso last November, together with her two younger sisters Leiliana, 13, and Sofia, 11. Like many

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Hundreds Of Migrant Children Separated From Parents End Up In NY. Here’s One Of Their Stories

by Beth Fertig   on August 1, 2019   in wnyc-news   publication:

Five year-old Carlos played on the floor with a couple of brightly colored toy trucks, making noises and chasing them with a younger boy while an older boy tried to sleep in a chair. They

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Why It’s Harder for Unaccompanied Minors to Find a Lawyer Now

by Beth Fertig   on August 20, 2018   in wnyc-news   publication:

It took her 32 hours to drive from Houston to New York City. But 40 year-old Carina said she just had to be there for her teenage cousin’s hearing in immigration court in Manhattan in

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