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Menores enfrentan difícil experiencia migratoria

by Laura Sepulveda   on June 25, 2019   in voa   publication:

KIND’s Vice President for Legal Services, Maria Odom, speaks to Voice of America’s Laura Sepulveda on the experiences and conditions migrant children are suffering in detention and at the border. See here: https://www.voanoticias.com/a/menores-enfrentan-dura-experiencia-migratoria/4973713.html 

Niños sin documentos ni ayuda legal

by Laura Sepulveda   on August 20, 2018   in voa   publication:

KIND’s Jennifer Podkul speaks with VOA’s, Laura Sepulveda, about undocumented and unaccompanied children alone in their immigration court proceedings. Click here to listen: https://www.voanoticias.com/a/ninos-sin-documentos-ni-ayuda-legal/4536481.html

Asylum Seekers Find Following Rules Holds No Assurances

by Aline Barros   on August 10, 2018   in voa   publication:

They were separated for almost four months. Although they crossed the border at a legal point of entry, Capi and his 12-year-old daughter Jamie were separated — and this was in March, a month before

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US Scrambles to Explain Accounts of ‘Missing’ Children

by Aline Barros   on May 29, 2018   in voa   publication:

The Trump administration is pushing back against news reports that it has lost track of almost 1,500 immigrant children who came to the United States as unaccompanied minors. “The Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) Program was

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