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Trump Official Helping Oversee Migrant Shelter Says He Found Out About “Zero Tolerance” Policy on TV

by Emily Green   on February 8, 2019   in vice   publication:

When senior government officials and immigration advocates testified before Congress Thursday about the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” policy, they told harrowing stories about the thousands of children separated from their parents at the border last

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The Trump administration asked 70 babies who can’t talk to make their case in immigration court

by Taylor Dolven   on July 19, 2018   in vice   publication:

The Trump administration has asked at least 70 babies under the age of 1 to come to court in 2018 and personally make their case to an immigration judge about why they should be able

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The Groups Desperately Working To Reunite Immigrant Children And Parents

by Cole Kazdin   on June 20, 2018   in vice   publication:

In the two months since the Trump administration announced its “zero-tolerance” policy on people crossing the border illegally, more than 2,000 children have been separated from their parents. There are no government mechanisms in place

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What Separating Migrant Families At The Border Actually Looks Like

by Meredith Hoffman   on May 25, 2018   in vice   publication:

Earlier this month, when Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced plans to prosecute “100 percent” of migrants illegally crossing the Mexican border, it became official US policy to routinely separate children from their parents. Already, hundreds

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Trump Is Making Life Harder for Children Seeking Asylum in the US

by Meredith Hoffman   on October 11, 2017   in vice   publication:

On Sunday night, after repeatedly urging Congress to pass a bill legalizing DACA—an Obama-era program granting work permits and deportation relief to immigrants brought illegally into the country as children—President Donald Trump made that legislative

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