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Trump administration cuts English classes, soccer and legal aid for migrant children at shelters

by Jared Weber   on June 5, 2019   in usa-today   publication:

Citing a tightening budget, the Trump Administration announced Wednesday it is cutting English classes, recreational activities and legal aid for unaccompanied minors living in federal migrant shelters. The activities, including soccer games and ping-pong, are

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The Trump administration keeps breaking up migrant families. Here’s how they do it

by Alan Gomez   on February 21, 2019   in usa-today   publication:

The Trump administration has been blocked from systematically breaking up migrant families, but hundreds of children crossing the border continue to be separated from their parents in a process requiring none of the oversight used to removechildren in the United

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Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act has been critical

by Wendy Young   on November 27, 2018   in usa-today   publication:

The Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008 provides critical protection for children from Central America fleeing brutal violence by gangs and narco traffickers, widespread sexual and gender-based violence, human trafficking and devastating abuse from

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Are immigrant family reunions likely? 463 parents may have been deported without kids

by John Bacon   on July 24, 2018   in usa-today   publication:

More than 450 parents accused of illegally entering the country may have been deported while their children remain in the U.S., a major stumbling in the federal effort to reunite all the families by Thursday’s court-ordered

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Rapid response training programs are aiming to document ICE activities

by Miranda S. Spivack   on December 10, 2017   in usa-today   publication:

In a small back room at Victory in Praise, a predominantly African American church in the Central Valley city of Stockton, Calif., community organizer Arturo Palato assessed his troops. The gathering included a teacher, a

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