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HHS to house thousands of unaccompanied minor migrants on military bases and at Texas facility

by Maria Sacchetti   on June 7, 2019   in the-washington-post   publication:

Federal officials are planning to open three emergency shelters this month to house approximately 3,000 to 4,000 unaccompanied children who have migrated across the U.S. border, part of an effort to ensure children do not

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Homeland Security to test DNA of families at border in cases of suspected fraud

by Nick Miroff   on May 1, 2019   in the-washington-post   publication:

Homeland Security officials said Wednesday they will start an “unprecedented” pilot program to test the DNA of families arriving at the U.S. border as soon as next week, calling the measure an investigative tool to

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Trump says the border crisis is about criminals and gangs. His administration says it is about families and children.

by David Nakamura   on May 1, 2019   in the-washington-post   publication:

Faced with rising numbers of migrants at the southern border, President Trump has regaled supporters with increasingly apocalyptic warnings of an “invasion” populated by criminals with face tattoos who look fearsome enough to be “fighting

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Migrant boy’s ‘discouraging trauma’ leads judge to block his transfer to fifth home

by Maria Sacchetti   on March 22, 2019   in the-washington-post   publication:

Byron Xol was riding in a van, his Pokémon figurines in tow, heading to his fifth home in 10 months. The 9-year-old Guatemalan, separated from his father last year at the border under the Trump

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Senate plans votes on competing bills to reopen government

by Erica Werner, John Wagner, and Jeff Stein   on January 22, 2019   in the-washington-post   publication:

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) on Tuesday scheduled a pair of competing votes to reopen the federal government, announcing that he would bring up dueling proposals from President Trump and the Democrats that would

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Trump promises to stop the migrant caravan. But his administration struggles with how to do it.

by David Nakamura and Nick Miroff   on October 24, 2018   in the-washington-post   publication:

President Trump’s attempts to pin political blame on Democrats for a caravan of thousands of Central American migrants headed toward the United States have obscured growing concern within the White House over how to manage

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Still separated: Nearly 500 migrant children taken from their parents remain in U.S. custody

by Maria Sacchetti   on August 31, 2018   in the-washington-post   publication:

Lawyers are cold–calling phone numbers in far-flung Central American villages, and enlisting church pastors and schoolteachers to help. They are spreading the word on radio stations, putting up posters and setting up Spanish-language hotlines. They

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D.C. Has Legal Aid For Immigrants, But The City Doesn’t Use Tax Dollars to Help Undocumented Ones That Are Detained

by Fenit Nirappil and Marissa J. Lang   on August 26, 2018   in the-washington-post   publication:

D.C. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser (D) often touts her administration’s immigrant legal-aid fund when activists say she hasn’t done enough to protect undocumented residents from President Trump’s immigration crackdown. The mayor’s office has awarded $1

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Amid Migrants’ Complaints Of Frigid Holding Cells, A Battle For Control Of Border Thermostats

by Nick Miroff   on August 7, 2018   in the-washington-post   publication:

The tired and poor masses crossing the border illegally do a lot of huddling after coming to America. It’s the air conditioning. So notoriously cold are the U.S. Border Patrol’s detention cells that those heading north

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These Migrants Were Separated From Their Children – And Aren’t Sure They Should Be Reunited

by Kevin Sieff   on July 19, 2018   in the-washington-post   publication:

LAS NUECES, Guatemala — The United States government separated their family at the border, leaving them with an agonizing choice. José Ottoniel was deported to Guatemala in June, a month into President Trump’s “zero tolerance” crackdown.

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